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Hell's Rain

Title: Hell's Rain
Original title: Hell's Rain
Format: two hours
Starring: Peter Lacroix
Directed by: Kristoffer Tabori
Produced by: Sormy Road Productions and Front Street
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Hell's Rain

No where to run. No where to hide.

Anna and Jack Davenport were happily raising a family in the sleepy town of Cottonwood, Colorado until a deadly accident claimed their son, Ricky. Their lives changed in an instant, the Davenports struggle to be free of haunting visions of Ricky, who had an obsession with astronomy. After six trying months, they decide to leave the town and its painful memories behind, hoping to save what's left of their family.

But moving on proves to be harder than they ever imagined. Their teenaged daughter Emily doesn't want to leave her boyfriend, Jack is severely depressed, and Anna must tend to unfinished business as the mayor of Cottonwood. The public works employees are on strike, and Chuck Corbin, the antagonistic police chief, isn't making her final days in office any easier. Corbin has his own problems; his wife left him and abandoned their sweet son Sam years ago for a more exciting life in the big city.

Just as Anna begins making headway at the office, strange and dangerous meteorite showers begin raining down on Cottonwood, plunging everyone into a desperate fight for survival. Jack, a doctor, must get past his failure to save Ricky and return to the hospital to help those wounded in the blasts. As the meteorites continue to slam into the tiny town, the Davenports, with the help of mysterious messages from their dead son, begin to pull together as a family. The crisis deepens their love for each other and the town they call home. Meanwhile, Chuck races to save Emily and his missing son with Anna's help.

When one last giant meteor threatens to wipe out the entire town, Anna, her family and friends finally break through the silences tearing them apart to endure what could be the last moments of their lives. But will their renewed love be enough to save them and finally set their son's spirit free?