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Here Comes The Bride

Title: Here Comes The Bride
Original title: Küss die Hand, Krüger
Format: two hours, HD
Starring: Horst Krause
Fritz Roth
Manon Straché
Serge Falck
Johannes Silberschneider
Jörg Gudzuhn
Directed by: Marc-Andreas Borchert
Produced by: PROVOBIS for ARD Degeto
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Here Comes The Bride

Paul and his pals travel from gritty Berlin to posh Salzburg, determined to save Karin from marrying a conman.

Paul and his buddies are creatures of habit, which makes it all the worse when Karin decides to close shop gritty Berlin and sells their favorite pub – just before its 25th anniversary, no less! And all out of love for a snotty Austrian charmer she met online! Not prepared to take it lying down and suspecting that Karin's fiancé is a swindler just after her money, they travel to upper-class Salzburg, where she is already preparing for the wedding. With unexpected aid from a local ally, they launch a daring bridal extraction mission – hoping to convince Karin to see the light before it's too late – and she's gone over to the “dark side”.