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Here Comes The Bride

Title: Here Comes The Bride
Original title: Küss die Hand, Krüger
Format: two hours, HD
Starring: Horst Krause
Fritz Roth
Manon Straché
Serge Falck
Johannes Silberschneider
Jörg Gudzuhn
Directed by: Marc-Andreas Borchert
Produced by: PROVOBIS for ARD Degeto
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Here Comes The Bride

Love is not always what it seems…

Paul and his buddies are creatures of habit, which makes it all the worse when Karin decides to close shop gritty Berlin and sells their favorite pub – just before its 25th anniversary, no less! And all out of love for a snotty Austrian charmer she met online! Not prepared to take it lying down and suspecting that Karin's fiancé is a swindler just after her money, they travel to upper-class Salzburg, where she is already preparing for the wedding. With unexpected aid from a local ally, they launch a daring bridal extraction mission – hoping to convince Karin to see the light before it's too late – and she's gone over to the “dark side”.