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Heroes with a Tail

Title: Heroes with a Tail
Original title: Heroes with a Tail
Format: 13 x 25 minutes, HD
Starring: Moïs Tims
Junes Callaert
Zita Wauters
Sander Slingerland
Laurian Serno
Directed by: Thijs Brandsma
Produced by: NTR Television

Heroes with a Tail

The Animal Detectives

Why did Ning Nong the Thai elephant bother to bring a young girl to higher grounds when he sensed a tsunami? Why did a group of Australian dolphins decide to protect a swimming family against a looming shark attack? An international investigation team of young researchers tries to get to the bottom of incredible but true rescue stories like these. They are online friends from different countries who share a passion for funny animal films, extraordinary animal facts and remarkable acts of animal heroism. Together, they try to figure out what makes an animal a hero!