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Hospital Real

Title: Hospital Real
Original title: Hospital Real
Format: 15 x one hour, HD
Starring: Mariña Sampedro
Pedro Freijeiro
Susana Dans
Pedro Alonso
Antonio Durán Morris
Víctor Duplá
Nerea Barros
Directed by: Jorge Cassinello
Produced by: Ficción Producciones for Televisión de Galicia
Season 1, Episode 1 
Season 1, Episode 15 

Hospital Real

Spain, 1790's. Peasant girl Olalla rescues wounded nobleman Daniel in a forest. They fall in love and leave to work at Hospital Real in Santiago. A series of murders and his father's shady dealings separate them...

"Hospital Real" is set in the late eighteenth century, in a historical context shaken by an economic crisis and the arrival of the liberal ideas of the French Revolution. Olalla, a peasant girl, rescues a wounded man in the middle of the forest. The man is Daniel, the future surgeon at the Royal Hospital and son of an important nobleman of the city.

During the time that Daniel spends at Olalla's house recovering from his wounds, the couple fall hopelessly in love, and Olalla decides to go with him to Santiago, with the dream of becoming a nurse at the Royal Hospital. It is the start of a series of murders – and of Daniel's discovery of his father's shady dealings. This, along with the political and economic conflicts on the Iberian Peninsula will force Daniel and Olalla to break up...

A story with the perfect combination of love, mystery and melodrama, and in which medical developments and the historical context of the time play an important role.