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Title: Hush
Original title: Hush
Format: two hours
Starring: Victoria Pratt
Directed by: Harvey Kahn
Produced by: Front Street Pictures
| Screener |


A deadly obsession.

The small, bucolic town where Dr. Noah Hamilton grew up holds a dark secret from his past: ten years ago, he got his high school sweetheart Callie Masters pregnant and then performed a secret abortion on her. The two swore the event to secrecy forever and moved apart.

Ten years later, it is obvious to see Noah's success: he's married Nina, a beautiful and talented author and he's just taken over his grandfather's medical practice. But Noah and Nina are unable to bear a child naturally, something they both want. In a last-ditched attempt before adopting, Nina undergoes an in-vitro fertilization and the expectant couple moves back into Noah's childhood house. Although uncomfortable with small-town living, Nina befriends a local woman with a surprising and hidden past: Callie Masters.

Unlike Noah, Callie hasn't moved on: she still pines for Noah and still obsesses about him in unbalanced and destructive ways. She methodically begins to undermine Noah's marriage while continuing to befriend Nina. Even as she comforts Nina for having lost her in-vitro pregnancy, she commits the ultimate act of darkness: she goes to the birth clinic disguised as Nina and has one of the couple's embryos implanted in her, becoming pregnant with their child. But instead of getting help for her unborn child, Nina gets even with Callie, beginning one of the most dangerous games the couple could ever hope to play. Their sanity, their child and their very lives are on the line in a compelling conclusion that is as gripping as it is deadly.