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In Love with Valerie

Title: In Love with Valerie
Original title: Verliebt in Valerie
Format: two hours, HD
Starring: Sebastian Zimmler
Mina Tander
Martin Wuttke
Therese Hämer
Directed by: Claudia Garde
Produced by: Wiedemann & Berg Television for ARD Degeto
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In Love with Valerie

Cloudy with a chance of love…

Florian, once a meteorologist and now working as a maintenance assistant in the Grand Hotel, is brilliant, warm and kind, but finds communication and relationships difficult. For he is autistic, overwhelmed by social interaction and the unpredictable. Like his love for Valerie, one of the maids, who is virtually unaware of his existence. But Valerie has problems of her own. Desperate to win joint-custody of her daughter from her ex-husband, she is saving up for a lawyer, which sometimes means pilfering from the guests. Florian saves her job and helps her out of some very sticky situations. Impressed, Valerie begins to see him in a different light…