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Title: Karnawal
Original title: Karnawal
Format: two hours
Starring: Alfredo Castro (POST MORTEM, LOS PERROS)
Martin López Lacci
Mónica Lairana (LA CAMA)
Directed by: Juan Pablo Félix
Produced by: Bikini Films in co-production with 3 Moinhos Produçoes, Picardia Films, Phototaxia Pictures, Norsk Filmproduksjon


During Carnival, a young Malambo dancer prepares for the most important competition of his life. When his ex-convict father returns, he jeopardizes everything as he drags his son into his criminal world.

Rebellious teenager Carba lives with his mother in northern Argentina near the Bolivian border and dreams of becoming a professional Malambo dancer: the gauchos' folkloric tap-dance. During training for his most important competition, Cabra receives an unexpected visit from his father, El Corto. He is a conman on short leave from jail and takes Cabra and his mother on a mysterious trip along the northern roads. While father and son reconnect, Carba and his mother try to find out why he is taking them. Suddenly, they find themselves in the middle a violent hold-up. On the run and lost in the desert, Cabra struggles to return in time for his dance contest. But will he have to abandon his father to follow his dreams?

Press Quotes

"Jaw-dropping in its energy and beauty.”

"First-time feature director Juan Pablo Félix takes the same energetic, forthright approach to his filmmaking that his protagonist does to his beloved malambo dance - a complex and rhythmic traditional dance from Argentina - with the director's fancy footwork moving seamlessly from indie drama and coming-of-age tale to tense thriller and back again."
(Eye for Film)

"A confident debut."

"An excellent examination of complicated families."
"A charged final act."
(Starbroek News)

"The commendable Karnawal, of the Argentinian Juan Pablo Félix is masterfully filmed and carried by the exceptional interpretation of the Chilean actor Alfredo Castro as a seductive and dangerous convict that his wife and son follow somehow. The breathtaking intrigue between town and pampas is interwoven by the marvelous steps of the malambo dancers."