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La Unidad

Title: La Unidad
Original title: La Unidad
Format: 12 x one hour, HD
Starring: Natalie Poza
Michel Noher
Marian Álvarez
Luis Zahera
Raúl Fernández De Pablo
Carlos Blanco
Fele Martínez
Directed by: Dani de la Torre
Produced by: Movistar+ in collaboration with Vaca Films and Beta Film
Buyers Presentation
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Episode 1 

La Unidad

Executed by an award winning creative team, La Unidad is not just the next shot at the task force genre. It is the story of a handful of easily forgotten but truly heroic women and men.

Melilla. Tangiers. Toulouse. In the dark of night, officers from the Spanish, Moroccan and French police forces carry out a synchronized anti-jihadist strike but retaliation looms.
Madrid. An ordinary apartment house. This used to be the home of Carla, Marcos and their 8 year-old daughter Lua. Now Marcos has moved out. Carla is the head of the counter-terrorist squad, Marcos her first officer. Used to following Carla's orders on the job, Marcos can't grasp why he and Carla are history.
Despite the secret she's keeping from Marcos, Carla just needs to get things done. Like detecting the terrorists' hidden agenda before more lives are sacrificed. Or organizing Lua's Communion. Or making tough choices a strong leader must – like removing rookie agent, Miriam, from Marcos' command to lead her own vital mission.

Press Quotes

„It's been a long time since a series drew me in so intensely as did ‘La Unidad'. Watched it in two sessions, couldn't get up. Seriously.”

“We witness people who, while pushed to the limit in their jobs, remain ordinary people – with all the good and the bad it brings with it.”


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