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Letters from Felix

Title: Letters from Felix
Original title: Letters from Felix
Format: 26 x 12 minutes
Starring: animated characters
Directed by: Alan Simpson
Produced by: WunderWerk and Caligari Film in co-production with TV Loonland and ZDF

Supported By FFF

Felix the Toy Rabbit © Coppenrath Verlag GmbH & Co. KG, Germany
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Letters from Felix

Felix, the toy rabbit travels around the world and writes letters to his best friend Sophie

Sophie really loves her toy rabbit Felix, so when he accidentally floats away in a little hot-air balloon she's completely heartbroken. When she comes home from school one day, a letter from London has arrived for her - which is strange because Sophie doesn't even know anybody in London. Then she discovers that the letter is from Felix, her toy rabbit!

London is only the beginning: soon further letters arrive from Paris, Rome, Egypt and even from the USA. Felix describes his adventures and funny encounters from the point of view of a toy rabbit, which is quite like the way kids see things. And Sophie can hardly wait until he gets back and she can give him a really big hug.

Based on the popular children's books by Annette Langen and Constanza Droop.