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Title: MaPa
Original title: MaPa
Format: 6 x half hour, HD
Starring: Maximilian Mauff (BRIDGE OF SPIES)
Amelie Kiefer
Nicki von Tempelhoff
Nicki Tempelhoff, von
Lia von Blarer
Lina Wendel
Maryam Zaree
Directed by: Jano Ben Chaabane
Produced by: Readymade Films in co-production with JOYN and rbb
Episode 1 
Episode 2 
Episode 3 
Episode 5 


When Metin suddenly and unexpectedly becomes the single dad of his 6-month-old daughter, his world is turned upside down. Now, he has to balance the chaos of life on his own – or so he thinks…

Let's be honest. The male Homo Sapiens found wiping a snotty nose on the playground is still a rare species, even in a hipster hotbed like Berlin. Yet this is exactly the situation Metin finds himself in. After Emma, his girlfriend and mother of his 6-month-old daughter Lene, suddenly dies, there's not much time for grieving – the baby needs care, 24/7. Metin always thought of himself as the epitome of the 21st Century Dad, but now, he is completely overwhelmed. Raised by a single mother himself, he is quick to wall off any help coming from her. Like all children, Metin hopes to be nothing like her as a parent, and looks to other men as exemplars of his ideals of fatherhood. No, he surely knows better! However, losing the love of his life has an effect on Metin's relationships with the various people around him: friends, family, colleagues and strangers. Most of all, how he sees himself. He has to grow up for Lene and learn how to balance parenthood, masculinity, responsibility – and time for Playstation.

Press Quotes

„Great German Series!“