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Men Of Corleone

Title: Men Of Corleone
Original title: L'Ultimo Dei Corleonesi
Format: two hours
Starring: David Coco
Stefano Dionisi
Marcello Mazzarella
Emilio Bonucci
Raffaella Rea
Frederica de Cola
Franco Castellano
Directed by: Alberto Negrin
Produced by: Co-produced by RAI FICTION and PALOMAR ENDEMOL in association with Beta Film
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Men Of Corleone

The rise and fall of Italy's last great mafia godfathers

This is the story of the spectacular rise and fall of the Mafia clans of Corleone. A spiral of violence that's triggered in 1948, when a local "man of honor" orders the murder of a union leader. Using even more ruthless methods, his right-hand man Luciano Liggio eventually takes over the helm with his own helpers, Totò Riina and Bernardo Provenzano. All three grew up together in Corleone; all three are bound by ties of family and friendship that go hand in hand with betrayal and murder... Once Liggio has conquered Corleone, he sets his sights on Palermo, Sicily's metropolis. After his capture, Riina and Provenzano unfold an unparalleled orgy of bloodshed and violence that culminates in high-profile executions of fearless, upright anti-Mafia magistrates such as Falcone and Borsellino. While the state relentlessly pursues its search for the heads of the hydra and captures Riina in 1993, Provenzano manages to outwit his pursuers and keep the reins of the Sicilian Mafia firmly in his hands. Finally, in a spectacular 2006 operation, Provenzano is also caught, near Corleone, where Sicily's most ferocious godfathers rose, fell and will no doubt be replaced again...