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Mickey Matson

Title: Mickey Matson
Original title: Mickey Matson and the Copperhead Conspiracy
Format: 1 x 101 minutes, HD
Starring: Derek Brandon
Francesca de Rosa
Patrika Darbo (DAYS OF OUR LIVES)
Christopher Lloyd (BACK TO THE FUTURE)
Ernie Hudson
Directed by: Harold Cronk
Produced by: EMC Productions in association with 10 West Studios
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Mickey Matson

Mysterious numbers... Hidden clues... Endless challenges...

Young Mickey Matson's Grandpa always told him that Mickey was truly special, and his favorite grandchild. So why does Grandpa leave Mickey nothing but a stone in his will?! Though he's disappointed, Mickey is encouraged by his new friend Sully to examine the stone. And sure enough, it contains a map, mysterious symbols, and the promise of lots of adventures! The kids soon learn about an alchemy machine that transforms everything into silver. What they don't suspect yet is that the wicked Confederate sympathizer General Priggish is having the machine built for his evil purposes and needs three elements to power it: a giant sapphire, Mickey's stone and the watch that Grandpa gave Mickey. Priggish and his bumbling henchmen are determined to force Mickey to give them the elements. But for Mickey and Sully, it's a mad dash from one challenge to another in order to prevent the destruction of their town and their country.