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Title: Nika
Original title: Nika
Format: 1 x 92 minutes, HD
Starring: Ylenia Mahnic
Marjuta Slamic
Sebastian Cavazza
Benjamin Krnetic
Gasper Tic
Nenad Tokalic
Gojmir Lesnjak
Directed by: Slobodan Maksimovic
Produced by: Nora production group in co-production with RTV Slovenia and the Slovenian Film Centre
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Nothing can stop her.

16-year-old Nika is very much her father's daughter: a motor enthusiast, ambitioned, competitive – and a darn good go cart racer! But after he dies in a car accident, all of her dreams of becoming a professional racer seem to crumble. Her mother Mojca forbids that Nika should ever take up her dangerous hobby again; instead she is supposed to focus on school. But putting the pedal to the metal is the only thing that makes her feel close to her father again, so she skips school and hits the track as often as she can. Soon enough though, her mother realizes what's going on. And Nani, Nika's coach, makes a deal with the girl: if her grades approve, she will be allowed to race again. But school is the last thing on Nika's mind…