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Paradise Prey 2

Title: Paradise Prey 2
Original title: Paradise Prey 2
Format: two hours, HD
Starring: Samaire Armstrong
Alexandria DeBerry
Corin Nemec
Matt Cedeno
Jon Bouvier
Directed by: Brian Skiba
Produced by: Copper Beeches & Skibavision for Lifetime
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Paradise Prey 2

Samantha, David, and their teenage daughter Ellie go on a trip to Florida, seeking some relaxation after a traumatic kidnapping. Little do they know, their former captors are still after them…

With the ordeal of a mother-daughter vacation that turned into a kidnapping behind them, finally some normalcy has returned to Sam's, David's and their daughter Ellie's lives. Now, Ellie wants to go to Florida with her Volleyball team, and the parents decide to go with her. Better to be safe than sorry!
What they don't know is that their former captor's boss, Rodriguez, is still sore, having lost both women and tons of cash after Sam and Ellie escaped. Once the family enters his turf, he's hot on their trail. What's more, Rodriguez' son Miguel seems to have developed a dangerous obsession with Ellie. As trouble is brewing in paradise, Sam, Ellie and David find themselves in the grips of ruthless criminals…

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