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Perfect Party Planner

Title: Perfect Party Planner
Original title: Perfect Party Planner
Format: two hours, HD
Starring: Lindsey McKeon (SUPERNATURAL)
Katrina Begin
Cathryn Dylan
Marco Dapper
Parker Mack
Chasty Ballesteros
Jud Tylor
Directed by: Jake Helgren
Produced by: The Ninth House for Lifetime
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Perfect Party Planner

Little does Kayla know when she hires the perfect party planner that the woman is none other than her adopted daughter's biological mother – and determined to get her back.

With the opening of her new art gallery, Kayla is overwhelmed at having to throw an epic birthday party for her daughter Kerry's Sweet Sixteen. Deciding to hire a party planner, after a few interviews she chooses Lindy, who seems desperate for the job. Still, she's competent and she and Kerry really hit it off. Perhaps a bit too much for Kayla's liking. Lindy has soon insinuated herself into every aspect of Kerry's life, even at school, determined to alienate her from her family. Especially when Kerry discovers that she is adopted and that Lindy is her biological mother. Lindy is clearly planning more than just the perfect party, but Kayla is not ready to be replaced. One daughter – two mothers. Who will Kerry choose?


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