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Professor T. - French Remake

Title: Professor T. - French Remake
Original title: Prof T.
Format: 6 x one hour, HD
Starring: Mathieu Bisson
Fleur Greffier
Zoe Felix
Jean Benguigui
Directed by: Nicolas Cuche
Produced by: VEMA Production, TF1, Stromboli Pictures, RTBF (Télévision Belge), RTS
Professor T. - FORMAT 
Episode 1 

Professor T. - French Remake

One iconic lead – three different takes with their own individual charm.

Criminologist Professor T. isn't everyone's cup of tea. He has a brilliant mind and a few – a few dozen? – neurological disorders. In fact, this Sherlock needs two Watsons: she is the volcanic, explosive one, he the quiet behind-the-scenes operator. Most importantly, they're fairly immune to Professor T's razor sharp comments. All in all, the Homicide Department has saddled itself with a team of high-powered experts who are aces in solving murders yet cannot carry on a normal conversation.

Nantes has seen many rulers come and go. Even though trade made the city rich, there is no rest for the wicked. However, Professor Julien Tardieu and Inspectors Lise Doumère and Dan Levasseur will always be close on the criminals' heels.


  • Belgian crime series “Professor T.” gets its next remake in Germany

    The eccentric police psychologist Professor T. investigates in Germany...

  • TF 1 produces French remake of Beta Film’s PROFESSOR T.

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