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Puppy Love Romance

Title: Puppy Love Romance
Original title: Puppy Party Romance
Format: two hours, HD
Starring: Jen Lilley
Christopher Russell
Bailey Skodje
Donna Benedictor
Lindsay Maxwell (SUPERNATURAL)
Directed by: Christie Will Wolf
Produced by: Johnson Production Group for Hallmark
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Puppy Love Romance

At one of her puppy parties, Hailey meets handsome widower Ryan, who is reluctant to adopt a puppy for his daughter. But she soon teaches him the joy that animals can give.

Starring Jen Lilley (DAYS OF OUR LIVES) Christopher Russell (UnREAL)

Hailey's passion is the animal rescue shelter and her Puppy Parties that not only cover expenses but offer the dogs for adoption. At one of these she meets young Emily. Unfortunately, her dad, handsome widower Ryan, is reluctant to adopt a pup, although Emily convinces him to book a Puppy Party for her own birthday. Hailey gradually teaches Ryan how to rediscover joy after his loss and their romance blossoms, but they soon find themselves on opposite sides of the fence. She is petitioning City Hall to stop a strip mall being built at a location she has earmarked as a dog park and Ryan is the city planner working to make that happen. But as Ryan soon discovers, puppy power – and Hailey - are hard to resist.