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Red Bracelets

Title: Red Bracelets
Original title: Red Bracelets
Format: 30 x one hour, HD
Starring: Tim Oliver Schultz
Luise Befort
Nick Julius Schuck
Damian Hardung
Ivo Kortlang
Timur Bartels
Directed by: Sabine Bernardi
Felix Binder
Richard Huber
Andreas Menck
Produced by: Bantry Bay for VOX
Season 1, Episode 1 
Season 1, Episode 2 

Red Bracelets

While experiencing life, death, and their first love story, six teenagers form the “Red Bracelets” club and though they are patients with different fates and personalities, they eventually become best friends.

Six teenagers cannot lead a normal life like their friends: instead of playing football, meeting up with friends, going to school or spending time with their families, they are stuck in the hospital for a long time. Although they suffer from different diseases, the members of the “Red Bracelets” share a common wish: to spend their youth as normally as possible. Leo, Jonas, Emma, Alex, Toni and Hugo all learn about the value of friendship in this dire and extraordinary situation and the change from joy to sorrow on a daily basis creates a unique bond between them. While experiencing life and death, their first great love and going on nightly expeditions through the hospital, they form the “Red Bracelets” and patients with different fates and personalities eventually become best friends.



  • Great comeback for “Red Bracelets”

    The second season has scored record ratings...

  • VOX Germany scored record ratings with remake of Spanish/Catalan success-series “Red Bracelets”

    The German version of the Spanish mega success series has beaten all expectations during yesterday's night prime time broadcast...