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Secrets in the Air

Title: Secrets in the Air
Original title: Secrets in the Air
Format: two hours, HD
Starring: Saxon Sharbino (TOUCH)
Christina Moore
Gary Weeks
Kara Royster
Steve Coulter
Griffin Freeman
Directed by: Sam Irvin
Produced by: Stargazer Films
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Secrets in the Air

When Lauren starts working as a courtesan flight attendant, the money and glamour are great – but as she tries to quit, she realizes that mortal danger is part of the job as well…

Lauren has a dream: to go explore the world. To do so, and also earn some money for grad school, she and her best friend start working as airline stewardesses. However, the job is tougher than they thought and the flights to Paris completely out of reach.
When things start getting worse, Lauren is approached offered a job as a jet-setting escort. She reluctantly agrees and though it is seedy, she is soon taken with the immense glamour and money that comes with it.
But danger, too, comes with the territory. Her boss' son Erik doesn't look kindly on any of the girls getting out of line. When Lauren falls in love with one of her rich clients and wants to quit, she soon finds herself approaching her final destination…