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Secrets of the Nile

Title: Secrets of the Nile
Original title: Grand Hotel Arabic
Format: 30 x one hour, HD
Starring: Amr Youssf
Amina Khalil
Nada Mousa
Sawsan Badr
Ahmed Dawood
Directed by: Mohammed Shaker Khudair
Produced by: A co-production of Beelink Productions and Eagle Films
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Secrets of the Nile

An Egyptian luxury hotel in the 1950's. While Ali tries to find his disappeared sister, he falls in love with the hotel owner's daughter. But her mother wants her to marry her cousin to save the family from bankruptcy.

In the 1950's, only the wealthy and very rich reside in an Egyptian hotel, surrounded by servants and frequented by businessmen. It is an exciting world full of intrigue and secrets, a story told through the lives of the fortunate as well as the poor, across class lines.

When Ali wants to visit his sister, who works at the hotel, he finds to his surprise that she has disappeared. Suspiciously, nobody seems to have a straight answer as he asks people about her. While struggling to find out what happened to her, he falls in love with Nazly, the hotel owner's daughter. However, Nazly's mother won't allow her to marry the brother of a servant – instead she is supposed to marry her cousin Morad to save the family from bankruptcy.


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