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Shana - The Wolf's Music

Title: Shana - The Wolf's Music
Original title: Shana - The Wolf's Music
Format: 1 x 100 minutes, HD
Starring: Sunshine O'Donovan
Delilah Dick
Marcel Shackely
Alana Aspinall
Vonnet Hall
Marty Aspinall
Directed by: Nino Jacusso
Produced by: Reck Filmproduktion in co-production with Red Cedar Films/Really Real Films and SRF SRG SSR
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Shana - The Wolf's Music

Shana must go on a spiritual quest and follow the wolf before her extraordinary musical talents can unfold.

Since the death of her mother two years ago, 13-year-old Shana has felt lonely and abandoned. While her father drowns his sorrow in alcohol, Shana builds a wall around her feelings. She no longer goes to school, refuses to play her violin, and writes her mother heartbreaking letters that she hangs in an ancestor tree. When her new teacher discovers her musical talent, she slowly begins to coax Shana back to life. But then Shana's father sells her mother's violin. Desperate, Shana steals it back and flees into the forest. For three days and nights she wanders through the wilderness, and connects with the white wolf as well as the ghosts of her ancestors, including her mother. Between trances and dreams, Shana discovers a magical form of musical expression, and a way back home.