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The Art of Us

Title: The Art of Us
Original title: The Art of Us
Format: two hours, HD
Starring: Taylor Cole (The Originals)
Steve Lund (BITTEN, REIGN)
Brenda Crichlow
Malcolm Stewart
Ken Tremblett (THE 'L' WORD, ANDROMEDA)
Corey Sevier
Keith MacKechnie
Frances Flanagan
Directed by: K.T. Donaldson
Produced by: Second Time Films for Hallmark Channel U.S.
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The Art of Us

Starring Taylor Cole (CSI: MIAMI, HEROES) and Steve Lund (GOOD WITCH)

Harper Higgins' life is all about art – even though she has given up on painting herself after a disappointing relationship, she still loves to teach. As Harper tries to get her mind off her boyfriend troubles and instead step up the career ladder, the only way she sees that happening is to impress her superiors with a successful art exhibition at the prestigious Cambridge University. Unexpectedly though, her showcase artist drops out and Harper has to improvise. When she meets Tom, her charming new dog walker, things seem to fall into place again; as it turns out, beneath his handsome, brooding façade lays a talented painter. Trying to mold him into a respectable artist, Harper might just find something she did not expect at all… Sparks fly in this modern take on My Fair Lady, a story full of (he)art and surprises!