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The Christmas Shepherd

Title: The Christmas Shepherd
Original title: The Christmas Shepherd
Format: two hours, HD
Martin Cummins
Jordyn Olson
Jill Teed
Jody Thompson
Tim Perez
Directed by: Terry Ingram
Produced by: Front Street Pictures and Shepherd Road Productions
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The Christmas Shepherd

Sometimes it only takes a sure paw

Starring Teri Polo (The Fosters and Meet the Fockers)

Sally, a children's book author and illustrator, clings to her German shepherd Buddy as a link to her deceased husband.
When Buddy, frightened by a storm, disappears one day, Sally is utterly shattered and devotes herself to finding him. And she's in luck! Buddy seems to have found a temporary home with a widower, Mark, and his teenage daughter Emma, who soon loses her heart to the adorable canine. His presence in the household helps Emma cope with the loss of her mother – and makes Sally realize how important Buddy has become to Emma within such a short time. Emma agrees to let Buddy stay with Sally in exchange for “visiting rights.”
With Christmas coming up soon, Buddy is always ready to lend a paw when it comes to spreading holiday cheer – and to bringing Sally and Mark together.