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The Clown and the Führer

Title: The Clown and the Führer
Original title: El Pallasso I El Führer
Format: two hours
Starring: Ferran Rañé
Manuel Barceló
Jordi Martinez
Pere Arquillue
Directed by: Eduard Cortés
Produced by: Produced by Benece Produccions / TVC
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The Clown and the Führer

A parable of art and power, cruelty and resistance, responsibility and fear

What if one of the greatest clowns of the 20th century had come face to face with one of the most monstrous dictators of all times...? This is the tantalizing premise of "The Clown and the Führer," the reality-inspired story of an artist who continues to hope for humanity in a time of barbarism.
While touring Europe in the early 1940s, the great Catalan clown Charlie Rivel is forced by the Nazis to perform in Berlin. One particularly ambitious Gestapo agent, Krauss, wants Rivel to put on an act for the Führer's birthday party. As if that weren't bad enough, Krauss also insists on playing a role in the act; the Gestapo man considers himself a born comedian... His hands tied, Rivel has to accept Krauss's offer. But as his big day approaches, when he will be just a few meters away from Hitler, Rivel suddenly becomes aware of a plan that will make him a direct accomplice in an assassination attempt on the Führer – willingly or unwillingly...

Based on a stage play by Gerard Vazquez about the great Catalan clown Charlie Rivel (1896-1983), who was forced by the Nazis to perform in Germany in the early 1940s