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The King Of Christmas

Title: The King Of Christmas
Original title: Julekongen
Format: 24 x 25 minutes, HD
Starring: Vetle Qvenild Werring
Stella Stenman
Oscar Reistad Fosse
Emma Rebecc Storvik
Noah A. M. Olstad
Tone Mostraum
Bjarte Tjostheim
Directed by: Thale Persen
Produced by: NRK Super
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The King Of Christmas

An enchanting family series following the adventures of Kevin, who stumbles upon a hidden valley populated by a community of knights.

‘The King of Christmas' is a family series centered upon the adventures of nine-year-old Kevin, who stumbles upon a magical hidden valley close to where he lives with his family in Silverwood.
His father, an auditor, works for a rather bossy woman who acts as though she owns the whole village. His mother, a police officer, is bored by her job, as nothing really ever happens in their town. And his little sister, Mira, imagines she is a princess and spends her days trying to prove it.
The people of Silverwood are all busy preparing for Christmas when Kevin and his family find that their house is full of wet rot and that they will have to move out. Prospects for a happy Christmas are anything but bright.
But then Kevin discovers the secret entrance to a different world with a community of Knights and everything changes.