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The Same Sky

Title: The Same Sky
Original title: Back to Back
Format: 3 x two hours and 6 x one hour, HD
Starring: Tom Schilling (GENERATION WAR, OH BOY)
Sofia Helin (THE BRIDGE)
Anja Kling
Directed by: Oliver Hirschbiegel (DOWNFALL)
Produced by: A UFA FICTION / Beta Film production for ZDF in co-production with Mia film in association with Rainmark Films




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Episode 6 

The Same Sky

The Cold War thriller by creator Paula Milne and director Oliver Hirschbiegel plays out on either side of the Iron Curtain, where all people share the same sky, no matter how disparate the systems under which they live, their lives and their dreams are.

East Germany (GDR), 1974. Lars Weber – young, ambitious, impenetrable – will soon have to prove his loyalty to his country; the 25-year-old knows that every step forward in the GDR comes with strings attached... For Lars, this means being sent to West Berlin as an East-German “Romeo” agent. His mission is to seduce women working in sensitive positions in the West. One of them is Lauren Faber, a high-ranking British intelligence officer and lonely single mother of a rebellious teen. Lauren's younger colleague Sabine Cutter is deeply attracted to Lars. However, none of the two is aware of the secret they share…

While Lars and Lauren constitute the core of this volatile saga of passion and deceit, other richly detailed characters on both sides of the Wall are also moving deftly among Stasi and CIA spies. The gay teacher Axel cannot bear the oppressiveness of the GDR any longer. He and a group of friends undertake one of the most foolhardy escape attempts imaginable: digging a tunnel beneath the Wall. Lars' cousin Klara, in turn, is an excellent swimmer who's blissful when she gets the chance to join the GDR Olympic Swim Team. Having grown up in the shadow of her brilliant sister Juliane, Klara will do anything to become a winner and starts taking pills that produce disturbing side effects...

As the the Iron Curtain seems impenetrable, the protagonists on either side of the wall seek security, humanity and freedom. They may have different systems and different lives, but they all share the same sky.

Academy Award nominee Oliver Hirschbiegel, who has already brought films like DOWNFALL and, most recently, 13 MINUTES to the screens, once again dedicates himself with THE SAME SKY to another important chapter of contemporary German history, the 1970s. The distinguished cast includes Tom Schilling (GENERATION WAR); Sofia Helin (THE BRIDGE); Ben Becker, Friederike Becht and others.

Press Quotes

"the terrific performances and funky '70s vibes make this worthwhile"

"The Cold War thriller is a must-see. ... ‘The Same Sky' looks stunning on-screen."
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