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The Treasure Knights - The Secret of Melusina

Title: The Treasure Knights - The Secret of Melusina
Original title: Die Schatzritter - Das Geheimnis der Melusina
Format: 1 x 90 minutes, HD
Starring: Alexandra Neldel
Luc Feit
Clemens Schick (JAMES BOND 007 - CASINO ROYALE)
Vicky Krieps (A MOST WANTED MAN)
Anton Glas
Directed by: Laura Schroeder
Produced by: Lucil Film; NEOS Film; Bavaria Film Partners; Screenvest; Frank Gebhard, Klaus Höfert, Michael Gebhard,
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The Treasure Knights - The Secret of Melusina

The search for a legendary treasure turns an ordinary summer into a thrilling adventure.

Since the mysterious death of his mother 7 years ago, 11-year-old Jeff has lived alone with his father in their campground next to the ruins of a medieval castle that belongs to his family. When Jeff's father announces that they will have to sell the castle, the boy is heartbroken; not only is the castle his favorite place in the world, it is also all he has left to remind him of his mother.

Thank goodness school's out for summer, and Jeff's best friends soon arrive to spend their vacations at the campground. When the gang finds clues about where the legendary treasure of the mermaid Melusina is hidden, they decide to look for it. Legend has it that Melusina was cursed, and can still be seen in all the rivers. If they find the treasure, they can free Melusina from the curse and help Jeff keep the castle.

Then the children learn that Jeff's mother was a Treasure Knight. The Order of the Treasure Knights has vowed to protect Melusina's treasure until the appearance of the chosen one who will recover the treasure and thus deliver Melusina from the curse. Jeff is now following in his mother's footsteps.

Meanwhile, however, a group of thugs led by the evil Duc de Barry has also set off in pursuit of the treasure.

In a race against time, the treasure hunt leads the kids through cathedrals, museums, rivers, forests and castles. An adventure that proves to be the challenge of a lifetime.