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The Valley

Title: The Valley
Original title: Weinberg
Format: 6 x one hour, HD
Starring: Friedrich Mücke (FRIENDSHIP!)
Antje Traue
Jenny Schily
Gudrun Landgrebe
Maximilian Mauff (BRIDGE OF SPIES)
Sinha Melina Gierke
Anna Böttcher
Arnd Klawitter
Directed by: Till Franzen
Jan Martin Scharf
Produced by: Bantry Bay Productions and Twenty Four 9 Films for TNT Serie




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Episode 2 
Episode 3 
Episode 4 
Episode 5 
Episode 6 

The Valley

Out in the vineyards, an injured stranger wakes up next to the body of a dead young woman. Having lost his memory, he soon realizes that nothing here is what it seems, and an ally can become your enemy in an instant.

Grapevines on gently rolling hills dominate a picturesque landscape – an idyll devoted to wine. But beware: winding its way through the valley is a saga of appalling secrets and lies, of forbidden desires and murderous lust...
Out in the vineyards, an injured stranger regains consciousness; next to him, the body of a young woman, apparently beaten to death. Having lost his memory, the stranger calls himself John Fox. Though a search party is sent to the vineyards, no trace of the girl can be found. With the annual wine festival beginning the next day, the villagers quickly forget the corpse without a body...
But as the pretty young wine queen appears before her subjects, John experiences an unsettling déjà-vu: The wine queen looks exactly like the young woman whom he had found dead the previous day. Then she, too, disappears after begging John to help her...
Baffled by these mysterious incidents, John senses that he is a part – perhaps a very important one – of a tragedy that draws practically all the townspeople into it. As he tries to regain his identity and tear apart the web of lies and secrets that has settled on the town, John realizes that nothing here is what it seems, and an ally can become your enemy in an instant.

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