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The Velvet Collection - Grand Finale

Title: The Velvet Collection - Grand Finale
Original title: Velvet Collection - III
Format: 2 hours or 1 x 90', HD
Starring: Paula Echevarría
Miguel Angel Silvestre
Imanol Árias
Marta Hazas (GRAND HOTEL)
Asier Ertxeandía
Adrián Lastra
Pepe Sacristán
Directed by: Gustavo Ron
Produced by: Movistar+ in collaboratio with Bambú Producciones
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The Velvet Collection - Grand Finale

Everyone from six seasons of Velvet is back for a rich and luscious finale!
Starring Marta Hazas (GRAN HOTEL), Miguel Ángel Silvestre (NARCOS) and Paula Echevarría (VELVET)

From Madrid, Alberto calls Clara, head of Velvet Barcelona: They will take an offer to sell Velvet they really cannot refuse. Despite problems of her own no one else knows about, Clara resolves to create one final, epic anthology of Velvet splendor. Besides Ana, Alberto and Clara, Mateo, Pedro, Doña Blanca, Raúl, Paloma, Sergio and even Godó make their contribution to Velvet's curtain call, as do Don Emilio and Rita, giving insight to secrets before they passed on. While memories and emotions abound, so does new drama like Clara's which only her dearest friend Ana can help her solve. When everything is said and done, carrying in their hearts that special Velvet feeling, no one must face the future alone.

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