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The Velvet Collection

Title: The Velvet Collection
Original title: The Velvet Collection
Format: 20 x one hour, HD
Starring: Marta Hazas (GRAND HOTEL)
Paula Echevarría
Fernando Guallar
Adriana Ozores (GRAND HOTEL)
Adrián Lastra
Marta Torné
Javier Rey (VELVET)
Megan Montaner (THE EMBASSY)
Imanol Árias
Aitana Sánchez-Gijón
Directed by: Gustavo Ron
Produced by: Movistar in collaboration with Bambú Producciones in association with Beta Film


Season 1 
Season 2 


Season 1, Episode 1 
Season 1, Episode 2 
Season 1, Episode 3 

The Velvet Collection

Spin-off of Spain's most successful TV series that centers the world of fashion and passionate love affairs in the sixties!

Season 1:
After witnessing from far-away New York how fresh, eccentric creations make their mark on the world of fashion of the late 1960s, Ana returns to Spain to make her next, long cherished dream come true: an all new Velvet franchise in the vibrant, glamorous coastal metropolis of Barcelona. It will be a sensation and Ana knows just who will run it for her: her beloved uncle Emilio on the creative side, and her loyal friend Clara on the financial end. But when disaster strikes, it looks as if the Barcelona store's doors will stay shut for good before ever having opened. Enter Emilio's long lost son Sergio. Though Sergio eventually persuades Ana that he is indeed who he claims to be, the initial bad chemistry between Sergio and Clara must first be transformed into flying sparks before The Velvet Collection - with mini-skirts, bikinis, a Flamenco star's wardrobe and much, much more - can take off to new heights in beautiful, bustling Barcelona.

Season 2:
It is 1967, a time of change in the world - and in the world of fashion. Thanks to Velvet Collection, Barcelona has become a fashion hotspot in Spain, but now they have received their most important order: designing a dress for the Empress of Iran. What sounds like a dream come true turns out to be a nightmare, as Clara and her team are forced to work with a man with dark intentions and dishonest plans, as Sergio and Mateo will find out all too soon. The dress could either become Velvet Collection's greatest success or it could ruin their image for good…


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