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Trapped: Buried Alive

Title: Trapped: Buried Alive
Original title: Trapped: Buried Alive
Format: two hours
Starring: Gabriella Carteris (BEVERLY HILLS 90210, NIP/ TUCK)
Directed by: Doug Campbell
Produced by: Edgewood Entertainment
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Trapped: Buried Alive

A thundering roar. A flash from above. A family buried alive.

Michael Cooper, a new young designer, has just completed a state of the art ski lodge, nestled between beautiful snow covered mountains. The only problem is, this skiers paradise is sitting in the path of the biggest avalanche the country has ever seen.

During grand opening week, Michael's wife, Emily Coop hears a thunderous roar. She looks out the window and sees a mountain of snow rushing towards her and her stepdaughter, Paige. She cannot believe her eyes as the powerful avalanche picks up speed, crushing the ski lift and covering everything in its path. The entire ski lodge becomes engulfed. Emily, Paige and several other hotel guests are now entombed beneath the snow.

Trying to find a way through the devastation, Emily leads the survivors on an uncertain journey dodging live electrical wires, climbing exploding elevator shafts, crawling through air ducts and barely escape being crushed.

As Emily fights for survival, Michael is unsure his family is still alive. Having escaped the snow's impact, he must battle the local park ranger and break through the thick layer of ice that has buried the ski lodge. He is informed that there is a bigger avalanche looming and now must convince the locals to dig a hole to the lodge before a second avalanche strikes.

While Michael desperately tries to save his family, Emily, Paige and the others must battle hypothermia, exhaustion, oxygen deprivation and the threat of the whole lodge collapsing on top of them.

Will Michael get to them before the next avalanche hits or will they all be buried alive?