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Trenker and Riefenstahl

Title: Trenker and Riefenstahl
Original title: Luis - Der schmale Grat der Wahrheit
Format: two hours, HD
Starring: Tobias Moretti (THE DARK VALLEY)
Brigitte Hobmeier
Anatole Taubman (JAMES BOND 007 – QUANTUM OF SOLACE)
Directed by: Wolfgang Murnberger (SILENTIUM, THE BONE MAN)
Produced by: Roxy Film GmbH and EPO-Film in co-production with BR and ORF
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Trenker and Riefenstahl

1948: Legendary mountaineer Luis Trenker offers Eva Braun's diaries to a Hollywood agent. Director Leni Riefenstahl sues to have them verified, because they claim that she was Hitler's mistress.

In the summer of 1948, mountaineer, actor and film director Luis Trenker travels to the Venice Film Festival to revive his faltering career. He has a sensational coup lined up that's guaranteed to put his name back in the headlines: the exclusive rights to Eva Braun's diary. Meanwhile, legendary filmmaker Leni Riefenstahl is preparing a devastating blow against her one-time lover Luis Trenker. She wants to block the publication and filming of the diary which she claims is slanderous towards her and implies that she had been Hitler's mistress. Trenker, who easily interweaves fact and fiction, claims that Hitler's girlfriend entrusted her diary to him in the final days of the war. A battle between two larger-than-life personalities is about to be unleashed, a duel between pioneer filmmakers who have gone down into history as faithful servants of a murderous ideology.

Inspired by the clash between legendary Alpine mountaineer Luis Trenker and Hitler's favorite filmmaker Leni Riefenstahl