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Wedding in Rome

Title: Wedding in Rome
Original title: Hochzeit in Rom
Format: two hours, HD
Starring: Ann-Kathrin Kramer
Harald Krassnitzer
Stefania Rocca
Ricky Tognazzi
Matthias Zera
Federica Sabatini
Annika Ernst
Elena Cotta
Directed by: Olaf Kreinsen
Produced by: Rowboat Film- und Fernsehproduktion and Beta Film for ARD Degeto and RAI Fiction
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Wedding in Rome

You never know where love might find you…

It is love at first sight striking young architect Max and the lovely young waitress Bianca when meet. After two exciting days and nights, Max knows for sure she's the love of his life. But they have to part ways – Max has to return to Cologne and Bianca to her family in Rome. Still, he can't let her go. The heart wants what it wants and Max makes his way to the ancient city. As luck would have it, he finds Bianca – and discovers her secret. Really, she isn't a waitress but the rebellious daughter of nobility! Yet Max isn't deterred and proposes to Bianca out of the blue. She accepts much to the regret of her parents who hoped for an aristocratic groom for their daughter. Equally blindsided, Max's parents travel to Rome and two worlds collide when the families meet. Still, love must prevail and the young couple has to jump through hoops to get what their hearts desire. As it turns out, not everything that glitters is gold but a romance may last forever in the Eternal City!