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When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit

Title: When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit
Original title: Als Hitler das Rosa Kaninchen stahl
Format: two hours, HD
Starring: Riva Krymalowski
Carla Juri (BLADE RUNNER 2049)
Directed by: Caroline Link (NOWHERE IN AFRICA)
Produced by: Sommerhaus Filmproduktion in co-production with Warner Bros. Ent., Nextfilm Filmproduktion, La Siala Ent., Hugofilm Production and RAI Cinema
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When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit

Based on Judith Kerr's bestselling novel. From the director of the Academy Award winning “Nowhere in Africa”.

Suppose your country began to change, suddenly becoming too dangerous for some to live in it. Suppose your father was one of them. That is what happens to Anna in 1933. She is not sure who Hitler is. At nine years old, to her, he's simply a face on the posters all over Berlin. When her father goes missing, Anna realizes that the man on the posters is about to change everything, starting with her own small life. She and her family hastily flee Germany, leaving her favorite stuffed pink rabbit behind. From now on, she encounters life in exile and all the problems that come with that. Yet Anna grows up, finds new friends and learns to take responsibility. So when her family has to move away yet again, she is certain she can do anything.

Press Quotes

"The most clever and most moving Christmas movie of the year."


"Wonderfully touching."

"A remarkably optimistic drama."


"A plea for love."

"Link infuses the relationship between parents and children with a special liveliness."

"A real godsend for the German cinema year."

"Intense, emotional drama."

"Caroline Link understands how to direct a film that appeals to children and adults equally."

"A clever drama."

"An impressive adaptation."

"A beautifully directed screen adaptation."

"The perfect Christmas movie."