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Title: Whitestar
Original title: Whitestar
Format: 1 x 82 minutes, HD
Starring: Richelle Plantinga
Sterre van Woudenberg
Valentijn Avé
Loek Peters
Bart Klever
Pim Wessels
Britt Dekker
Directed by: Jamel Aattache
Produced by: 2CFILM
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Megan and stallion Whitestar are a match made in heaven. But greedy stable owner Alex has different plans and separates them. Now, Megan has only one chance to win Whitestar back.

Megan has always dreamed of being a successful dressage rider just like her dad. She even works for money-hungry stable owner Alex to be around horses. When beautiful stallion Whitestar is born, they instantly form a deep, lasting bond. But Whitestar turns out to be unmanageable and Alex decides to get rid of him. Saving him at the last minute, Megan hides the horse and secretly starts training him. Alex gets a whiff of it when they win their first competition; he senses a profit and takes Whitestar away. Megan is heartbroken. A few years later, she comes across Whitestar by chance and their bond proves to still be intact. She will have just one more chance to win him back – a dressage competition in which everything is at stake.