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Young Girls

Title: Young Girls
Original title: Jenter
Format: webformat, HD
Starring: N.N.
Directed by: Stian Presthus
Tine Grønneberg
Produced by: NRK Super
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Young Girls

A web-format for every day and every platform, happening here and now

Young Girls is a drama series, posted online every day like a blog. Every week, an edited version of the last week daily blogs is published on linear and/or on web-TV. An edited version of the season (12-18 weeks) is published on linear as well as web-TV at the end of every season and on cinemas.

The series follows the daily lives of four girls appr. 12 years old, all with quite different characters. It's about their friendship and their family and their love life – from day to day. The stories are so close to life that they could be true for any girl anywhere. The last turn of the drama series is always on the top of the page, with infinite scroll down the story's previous postings. Everything that is posted stays online for as long as the series is running.

Every season is narrated by one of the main characters. The series combines short live action drama sequences with web-specific story tools such as personal blog texts, still photographs, text messages, Skype-conversations, drawings and lists – pretty much anything that adds to the progress of the story – from day to day.


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