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Spring/ Summer Line-Up

Rise of the Raven

One of the most epic European TV productions of all time. From acclaimed producer Robert Lantos (SUNSHINE, THE SWEET HEREAFTER, BARNEY’S VERSION, EASTERN PROMISES, CRIMES OF THE FUTURE).


In the historic city of York, Detective Bea Metcalf and young police archivist Patience Evans join forces to investigate unusual crimes in surprising settings. Starring Laura Fraser (BREAKING BAD, BETTER CALL SAUL) and Ella Maisy Purvis (A KIND OF SPARK).


The story of Maxima’s journey from early life in Argentina and New York to her engagement to Dutch Crown Prince Willem-Alexander. Based on Marcia Luyten's bestseller.

Krank Berlin

THIS IS GOING TO HURT meets 4 BLOCKS: A high-octane medical drama set in Berlin's toughest emergency room.


No one knows yet what he is looking for when an affluent couple is ambushed by a masked man in their house. Deep in their basement lies a secret that was hidden for decades…

Operation Sabre

Based on true events, the assassination of the Serbian Prime Minister in 2003, and the ensuing investigation that marked a turning point in the history of the nation.

Soviet Jeans

Based on true stories of the times: A dramedy about the power of blue jeans and Rock’n’Roll in the U.S.S.R.

30 Days of Lust

The most relatable series about the essence of navigating life at almost thirty, where self-discovery remains elusive. In the vein of LOVE and GIRLS.


Two very different twins and their group of friends are united by their turbulent journey of self-discovery, looking for their place in this always-changing world.

Stockholm Pride

Sweden’s first ever high-end drama series for the LGBTQ-community, shot in cooperation with the organizers of the Stockholm Pride Parade. A story about breaking free and the chance to be who you want to be.

Children Of Evil

Determined to get to the bottom of the brutal murder of a politician, star attorney Nikola finds himself sucked into a swamp of betrayal, conspiracy, and blackmail.

Walking With a Lion

An interview between a bookish director and a vain TV host turns unexpectedly fiery in this comedic sendup of ego, art, and love.

The Beach

Love and freedom infuse an idyllic commune on the shores of Crete in 1969, until a murder exposes the messy entanglements spurred on by the hippies.

Hotel Portofino - Season 3

Historical saga about a British family who establish a hotel for upper-class travelers on the magical Italian Riviera during the "Roaring 20s", as they try to escape the traumatic aftermath of World War I. Starring Natascha McElhone and Mark Umbers.

Persona - Season 2

Starring Haluk Bilginer in an International Emmy Award-winning performance as the antihero in the vein of BREAKING BAD and DEXTER.

Hudson & Rex - Season 6

The St. John’s Major Crimes Unit has a team that is well-rounded and equally well established to deal with kidnappings, homicides, and hostage situations – but what really sets them apart is Detective Hudson’s partner and former K-9 dog Rex.

Wisting - Season 3

“The best Nord-noir ever” (THE GUARDIAN) is based on the best-selling novels by Jørn Lier Horst. Starring Sven Nordin (LILYHAMMER) and the legendary Carrie-Anne Moss (THE MATRIX). The most successful local drama for Viaplay in Nordics and most-watched Nordic show on BBC Four.

El Inmortal - Gangs of Madrid - Season 2

Inspired by true events and the life of the leader of the ‘Los Miami’ gang. A deep dive into the single-handed shake-up of Madrid’s 1990’s.

Homicide Hills - Fresh Force - Season 2

New cops, new cases: The reboot of the witty crime series about an unlikely trio trying to solve bizarre crimes in a rural police department with their unorthodox approach.

Makari - Sicilian Mysteries - Season 3

“The other MONTALBANO” (CORRIERE DELLA SERA): Mystery, comedy, and melodrama unite in the new Italian hit-series based on the bestselling books by Gaetano Savatteri.

Split Homicide

Branka stands up to corruption, willing to even risk her life doing so. When the worst actually happens, it will be up to her successor Stascha to prove her abilities in turn. But murder is never just a simple affair...

Baltic Files

Level-headed Chief Inspector Svenja and her cheeky new colleague Antoine are anything but alike, yet all bets are on that they will become the new dynamic duo at the Baltic coast.

Barcelona Crime

Impulsive Xavi and confident beauty Fina: Barcelona's homicide team dives deep into the heart of the medieval city...

Inspector Dupin

Inspector Dupin is relocated from Paris to provincial Brittany: a fish out of water! Surprisingly, murders are quite imaginative here…


Generous, expensive taste, broke – with a talent for stealing fine art, nobleman Allmen becomes a private detective recovering the same, his loyal servant Carlos by his side.

Money. Murder. Zurich.

Disgraced white-collar lawyer Borchert is back in his native Zurich, on the run from German authorities. He sets out to clear his name, with reluctant help of his idealistic assistant – discovering larger crimes in the process…

The Mountain’s Whisper

Knowing his kind-of-backwoods hometown like the back of his hand, overweight small-town cop Frank Koops can be a real asset to solving crimes that leave others at a loss.

At Home in the Mountains

A decades-long feud is rekindled when Lisa returns home, determined to reopen old wounds by taking the hostile neighbors to court. But not everyone is so confident of the outcome.

Hammarskjöld - Fight For Peace

Iconic actor Mikael Persbrandt (SEX EDUCATION, THE KINGDOM EXODUS) stars in the gripping true story of the man John F. Kennedy once called “the greatest statesman of our century.”

Black Box

A pot-boiler about gentrification, prejudices and power play set in the microcosm of a Berlin apartment building. Directed by the multiple award-winning director of MEN ON THE BRIDGE, co-produced by Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne.


This star-studded adaptation of the legendary comic book sets the stage for a gripping showdown that will test the boundaries of trust.

One for the Road

A deeply touching and distinctively authentic story about a young man finally facing his addiction to alcohol, set between Berlin’s famous bars and sober therapy rooms. Lead actor Frederick Lau (VICTORIA) delivers an outstanding performance.


After CHILD’S POSE and ANA, MON AMOUR, multiple award-winning Romanian director Calin Peter Netzer shows his distinctive signature again in this intimate, rapturous drama.

Not a Word

On a barren island, a mother and son confront years of silence and misunderstandings in writer-director Hanna Slak’s formidable fourth feature film starring Maren Eggert (I'M YOUR MAN).

Pumuckl's New Adventures

What is going on in woodworker Florian’s workshop? Why, it’s the antics of lovable kobold named Pumuckl, whose inimitably anarchic behavior is certain to delight a new generation of children!

Snowfall - Noah's Wish

‘Tis the season, finally! But when Noah’s mom falls ill again, he has no idea that it’s not only Christmas with her he must save. It’s the whole magical land of Snowfall!