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Killer Bees

Title: Killer Bees
Original title: Panique!
Format: two hours, HD
Starring: Richard Anconina
Alessandra Martines
Clara Ponsot
Directed by: Benoit d'Aubert
Produced by: Thomas Bourguignon / KWAÏ
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Killer Bees

Fast, deadly, and everywhere…

Summer on France's Mediterranean coast! Sun, sea and, for Dr. François Constant, a chance to be with his daughter Garance again. François is determined to make up for lost time and enjoy his vacation with her. If only the bees weren't so aggressive! Indeed, their behavior becomes so alarming that he asks a local beekeeper for her opinion. It turns out that the beekeeper, Clémentine, had briefly worked for François several years ago and had secretly lost her heart to him. She, too, is worried – particularly since her bees have disappeared and might be the cause of this phenomenon. When several people are attacked and killed by the ever-growing swarm of murderous bees, Clémentine and François know they have to act immediately.

They demand that the mayor call off the summer festival, since too many people will be needlessly exposed to the ferocious insects. But he refuses. Soon, the sky darkens and millions of aggressive bees descend upon the visitors, leaving many dead and injured. Clémentine, meanwhile, has to defend herself against claims that she genetically engineered her bees and transformed them into killer mutants. François now joins her in searching for the queen bee and, perhaps, the key to the mystery. As François and Clémentine grow closer during these tense days, so do Garance and her new boyfriend, Arthur. While the adults are preoccupied with other things, the two teens go riding on Arthur's moped – and head directly towards the site where the bees have made gigantic hive. A fateful decision...