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Sissi, Part I

Title: Sissi, Part I
Original title: Sissi
Format: two hours
Starring: Romy Schneider
Karlheinz Böhm
Magda Schneider
Gustav Knuth
Josef Meinrad
Vilma Degischer
Directed by: Ernst Marischka
Produced by: Beta Film presents a production by Erma Filmproduktionsgesellschaft mbH
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Sissi, Part I

A vivacious young princess wins the love of a monarch and conquers the hearts of her subjects

The Austrian archduchess Sophie arranges a journey to Bad Ischl as a 'private family excursion' in order to make the young Austrian emperor Franz Josef meet his future wife, the princess Helen of Bavaria and become engaged to her. By chance, however, Franz Josef meets Helen's younger sister Sissi and falls in love with her. Against his ambitious mother's resistance, he succeeds in marrying Sissi.


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