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Tell Me Who I Am

Title: Tell Me Who I Am
Original title: Dime Quien Soy
Format: 9 x one hour, HD
Starring: Irene Escolar
Oriol Plá
Pierre Kiwitt
Will Keen
Stefan Weinert
Pablo Derqui
Directed by: Eduard Cortés
Produced by: Movistar+ in collaboration with DLO Producciones, Telemundo and Beta Film
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Tell Me Who I Am

Based on the global bestseller “Dime Quién Soy” by Julia Navarro with more than one million copies sold in 18 countries.

Madrid, 1998. A man by the name of Albert James leaves a thick biography on the desk of Javier, a successful publisher. It is the story of Javier's mother he never knew, Amelia Garayoa. Before fate can finally reunite mother and son, Amelia will have taken a long journey, starting in tumultuous Madrid of 1934. First forced into marriage, then with her newborn baby taken from her, well-off Amelia meets Pierre, a charismatic young French journalist and revolutionary whom Amelia accompanies to Buenos Aires out of love and sheer lust for adventure. There, opera diva Carla Alessandrini takes Amelia under her wing, becoming the young Spanish woman's surrogate mother and best friend. Amelia's lifelong personal, romantic and political journey as a spy for a noble cause eventually takes her full circle, back home to Madrid – but not before life-changing experiences every step of the way in Moscow, London, Rome, Paris and Berlin.

Press Quotes

“With one eye on the past and another on the future, Tell me who I am tells the story of a recent Europe personified in a woman who will never finish paying the price of her own contradictions.”

“Tell Me Who I Am is a gripping voyage into the 20th century's key historical moments, seen through the eyes of Amelia Garayoa, a woman who breaks with social conventions to embark on a life of adventure in various cities throughout the globe.”

“Tell Me Who I Am … wears its production values on its sleeve”
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